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One of the most common objections we hear when approaching agencies about their new business plans at this time of year is “it’s dead in the summer”. However, from decades of experience in helping agencies win new clients, we know this is not actually the case. Whilst it is true that a significant number of … Read More

We’ve started the new year with a renewed level of optimism in terms of what it holds for new business opportunities for our agency clients. Despite the dreaded “c word” still being mentioned in the news every day, the general feedback we have from our constant dialogue with marketing decision makers is a sense of … Read More

From a new business perspective, it was incredibly encouraging to read that UK companies have revised their marketing budgets upwards for the 3rd successive quarter in the IPA Bellwether Report . Even more encouraging for research agency owners is that the discipline was the top performing category, “reflecting efforts by businesses to better understand the … Read More

After the extremely challenging conditions of 2020, there seems to be a lot more for marketers to smile about moving forward, as the UK economy is set to grow at its fastest rate for 70 years. Whilst the caveat to this is that we will only be back to pre-pandemic levels, the speed of the … Read More

As many agencies look to develop their own new business skills in these challenging times, Alchemis have teamed up with Holler to launch The New Business Academy. This partnership will offer expert training for agency professionals across the whole marketing spectrum, with online seminars and one-to-one coaching sessions that will help maximise your chances of … Read More

The recent Back-To-Work Survey by Campaign is a pretty interesting read. It shows that the overwhelming majority of the largest UK agencies do not intend to reduce their office space as a result of Covid-19 and a couple of the main reasons for this struck a chord with me. One viewpoint from the survey was … Read More

In June and July, Alchemis undertook a comprehensive survey to help understand how marketing plans across a whole range of companies and brands in the UK were being affected by the pandemic. We gathered detailed feedback from hundreds of marketing decision makers from a range of B2B and consumer market sectors. In addition, we carried … Read More

We are currently living in unprecedented times. Covid-19 has caused the worst economic dip for at least a century and the effects of this disruption are being felt across the entire planet. For some agency owners, this difficult environment may have them thinking that the best thing to do is focus solely on their existing … Read More

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