What is a lead generation agency?

by rob

A lead generation agency is a company or service provider that specialises in generating potential customer interest or inquiries (leads) for other businesses.

Marketing and creative agencies need new clients to build and keep their business going in a fiercely competitive marketplace. 

To do that, they can either try to find these new clients on their own, or enlist the help of someone who specialises in helping them uncover – and win – new business opportunities.

Finding those new business opportunities is the role of a lead generation agency.

What does a lead generation agency do? 

Different lead generation agencies will work in different target markets (whether B2B or B2C) and will have different methods of delivering these opportunities.

Some will set up appointments with prospective customers. Some will email prospective customers. Some will simply collect data to provide their clients with a pool of contacts that may be interested in their product or service.

As a marketing or creative agency, you may choose to do some or all of these things yourself, or you may prefer to outsource some or all of them to a lead generation agency, using them as an additional resource to your own in-house new business team.

However, prior to appointing a lead generation agency, it’s vital to do a bit of research before investing your money into a campaign with one of them.

  • How long have they been trading/are they financially secure?
  • Are they reputable, with solid experience specifically in your industry?
  • What volume of data do they have, where do they get their data from, how is it managed, are they GDPR compliant?
  • Can they provide references from clients they have run campaigns for that would be relevant to you?
  • Can you see their set-up to have a look how they work and meet some of their account managers?

The benefits of using a lead generation agency

A lead generation agency like Alchemis, for instance, have sufficient sales skills and the ability to pitch your offer to the senior marketing decision makers you will be approaching, with accurate data and the right level of market information available. 

Alchemis have the right software and tools for the job (i.e a robust and effective CRM system). 

They’ll work through a sufficient pool of leads to secure meetings, allowing you to have conversations with the right sort of decision makers – remember, the high-level executives you are likely targeting and may not be easy to get hold of.

A lead generation agency like Alchemis also have the time and employee resources to dedicate to an in-house lead generation campaign that generates a sufficient number of new business opportunities (meetings/pitches/wins) from these conversations.

Alchemis have the necessary skills and experience to target the right market sectors, the right size companies and the right type of companies for your skillset.

Experts in supporting agencies like yours win new business

The senior team at Alchemis have over 100 years’ collective experience in developing new business campaigns for agencies. We’ve worked across all marketing and communications disciplines and understand the challenges of running and managing an agency.

Critically, we understand the challenges around new business. We know how important a solid pipeline of prospects and opportunities is for planning as well as future growth and this is where we can help.

If you are looking for a partner to support your new business efforts or would like to find out more about what we do, please get in touch.