What is an exhibition and how can they help lead generation

by rob

What are the advantages of exhibitions and trade shows for your business? Simply put, they’re a great way of showing off whatever you have to offer, and that makes them such an indispensable tool not just for generating new leads but for putting yourself, your products or services out there for everyone to see.

What is an exhibition?

An exhibition can be a great many things in one, but primarily it’s a place to show, demonstrate and promote goods and services to an audience.

What are the benefits of exhibitions?

It can also be a powerful marketing tool, an opportunity to meet potential new customers for your business, a chance to do some networking, and a way of staying up to speed with industry trends, to name just a few of the possibilities.

Firstly, an exhibition will have lots of promotion surrounding it, and that will attract a lot of potential customers for you. What’s more, trade shows and exhibitions, by virtue of their subject matter, will have a specifically targeted niche audience who will be interested in whatever you have to exhibit.

Maximum exposure.

Launching a new product or service? What better way than a business exhibition to gain maximum exposure and exposure for your brand, or to showcase a new feature or innovation that you’re proud of?

Your product or service is there, and you’re right there with it to talk about why it’s so good. What better advertisement could there be?

Networking opportunities.

Exhibitions and trade shows are not solely about connecting with potential new customers – they’re also as good as it gets for networking opportunities.

Meeting up with and getting to know other industry professionals; exchanging candid views with your competitors; chatting with suppliers. And what better way to gain intelligence on the latest industry trends and market developments?

Face-to-face meetings. 

Nothing beats a face-to-face relationship when you’re keen to build new business contacts and develop trust.

You’re able to introduce yourself and your business in the clearest, most natural way possible, on your own stand, with your own literature, without any impersonal technology or middlemen to get in the way.

Product demonstrations.

The opportunity to demonstrate a product or service that you know better than anyone to potential customers is one of the biggest advantages of a trade show or exhibition.

You can show off all the benefits of your product to your customers without them having to search for them. Appeal to passing traffic and keep people on your stand for longer, and more importantly, keep them engaged.

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