Lead Generation – How to Generate Quality Over Quantity

by georgetc

It’s the age-old cliché – quality over quantity. In fact, it’s an analogy that can be applied to most walks of life, not least in the lead generation game. Perhaps more accurately, it’s important to achieve a balance when it comes to the quantity and quality of leads into a business.

Traditional, perhaps more dated, marketing tactics have centred around a focus on greater volume means a greater chance of success. However, this notion has changed over time, as a number of interesting studies have shown that businesses should really be focusing on quality.

Alchemis is no different – we’d rather send you on two or three high quality meetings each month, than ten poor ones.

What do we mean by a quality lead?

Lead quality is all about understanding whether a particular prospect is right for your business and its proposition. Is the prospect well suited to your offering, and can you offer them something that has a significant benefit?

Lead scoring is one of the most commonly used terms by agencies up and down the country over the past decade or so. The idea is to rank a prospect on a scale, based on the potential value of the lead to your business or organisation. This score can then determine which lead will be prioritised and how best to engage moving forward.

When it comes to the process of finding good quality opportunities, data is often key. For example, digital marketing agencies might well collect an analysis of a visitor’s behaviour on the website in question. This could include the types of pages visited, as well as their interaction with certain aspects of the site. If a user visits regularly, is interacting and engaging with unique content, then the chances are he/she will be more receptive to an initial contact.

Lead Quality and ROI

When it comes to measuring the success of any lead generation campaign, the core metric should be long-term ROI. Alchemis strive to deliver a number of good quality opportunities to our clients as we run lead generation campaigns for them each month. The real focus is on which of these prospects will be with us in the long-run, accept us as a marketing partner in their business, and enjoy mutual success.

A smaller pool of leads isn’t just more manageable, but it’s often an indicator of greater quality. Marketing budgets are often squeezed in turbulent times like now, so it’s important to spend it wisely.