The Psychology of Perceived Value in Selling Your Agency Services

by jim-piper

What really matters to B2B customers?

It is not always just about the rational in the buying process. People buying agency services may have a range of conscious and subconscious triggers and playing to these may give your agency the edge over another.

But what are these and do B2B decisions really go through a different process to those in a B2C environment?

There is a different mind-set for the B2B purchaser. It is work after all. The obvious elements of price, proposition and relevant experience will tick some boxes. However, certainly a number of our clients feel that the agency world is becoming more commoditised, so there are many other factors for consideration.

It may not be what you can do for my company, but actually what you can do for me! Enhance my reputation, relieve time constraints and pressure and if you can do all of that within a strong, solid and fun working relationship, all the better.

There are numerous reports on the element of value. Bain research identified 40 elements in a pyramid structure (below), following the roots of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

At the bottom of the pyramid, are the objective and rational considerations around price, can you meet my requirements and are you a solid, sound organisation. However, as you move up through the pyramid, the elements become more subjective.

Prospects and clients place high value on partnership and enjoyment in working with agencies. If you can match that with the quality of your output and achievement of their specific goals, you should be able to forge long-term relationships.

Some of these elements are easy to measure and others aren’t, but if you are able to tick as many of the boxes in the pyramid as possible, not only are you likely to win more business, but develop long-term relationships and loyalty.

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