Helping an innovative new agency develop opportunities for Account Based Marketing

Client Profile

  • Digital agency
  • Broad capabilities, but expertise in Demand Generation and Account Based Marketing
  • Campaign commenced in December 2021

Challenge & Activity

Alchemis had successfully worked with the Hut 3 founder several years before at a different agency and was the obvious choice to help support a new business drive. The initial challenge was to identify the key message to market, given Hut 3 can offer a range of solutions. It was agreed to focus on ABM as the primary message, but not forgetting the wider capabilities of channel marketing, lead generation, sales enablement etc. We then identified the critical differences in the Hut 3 approach to ABM which allowed them to stand out from the crowd.

Target markets were technology, pharma and automotive. After identifying the right profile of company, we cross-referenced the companies against our proprietary database as well as Zoom Info, Lusha and Sales Navigator to identify a primary list of prospects and titles with responsibility for Account Based Marketing. We decided to focus on technology as the starting point for the campaign, but have maintained this as the main drive as it has proven to be highly fruitful.

Moving into the second year of the campaign, we will be expanding the outreach to include event support both pre and post the event. We will also be driving attendees to Hut 3’s own networking seminar.


Positive interactions with prospects



Of target meetings achieved


New clients secured in initial 13 months

Opportunities delivered with…

Alchemis have been a great partner delivering a campaign exactly in line with the expectations and timelines laid out, generating a regular pipeline of opportunities and key new clients for Hut 3. They take a proactive approach, manage the process and make it as easy for us as possible, helping not just with the lead generation, but the post meeting chasing too. Our Account Manager is very experienced, and we know from prospect feedback they are representing our agency in the way we would want.

Andy Johnson – Founder.

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