Replacing an in-house business development resource for a full service digital agency

Client Profile:

  • Mid-size digital agency offering web, apps, Ux and digital marketing
  • Campaign commenced 2018

Challenge & Activity

The agency had recently lost an in-house new business resource and had not been able to find a suitable replacement. Alchemis provided a solution. After receiving proposals and responses from several potential partners, Alchemis was selected because of our approach, openness, honesty and the objectives and expectations were realistic and transparent. It was also felt that there was a good cultural fit on which to build a solid, successful relationship.

Initially we were briefed with increasing the client base in both the financial and sports sectors where the agency had key case studies and experience. We have delivered strong results in both of these areas and are now looking to branch out and broaden the targeting with the aim to developing work and experience in new sectors including e-commerce and Home and Garden.


decision maker connections


meetings attended




Opportunities delivered with…

We have worked with Alchemis for the last four years and we have developed a great working relationship, they have taken the time to genuinely understand our business, our growth strategy and as a result, they have become an invaluable partner helping to achieve our business targets and delivering value every step of the way.


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