Sparking New Business Relationships and Agency Growth.

Our intelligent, focused and personable approach to business development identifies and delivers opportunities to help you secure your ideal new clients, whoever they may be.

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Alchemis was the first new business agency specifically for the marketing services industry.

Since 1986, working specifically with creative, marketing, communications and digital agencies and more recently technology/product development companies (click to see the full range of agencies and case studies) we’ve consistently delivered new business growth by helping companies win new clients.

We’ve developed thousands of valuable new business relationships by identifying and delivering real opportunities through bespoke, intelligent campaigns focused entirely on our clients’ goals and ambitions. This is achieved using a transparent, intelligent and insightful approach that delivers real results. We don’t rely on poorly targeted email broadcasts with sub-standard content. We cut through the fluff and flannel of new business to connect with real people. We use insight, experience, data and intuition to devise the best strategy for you and we deliver it. Quite simply, this is our raison d’etre.

What We Do

Fundamentally, everything we do is to generate new business for our clients. A smart, bespoke growth strategy is critical to achieve your business goals and futureproof your agency. Whilst typically providing a full, outsourced new business function, we are comfortable working with and supporting in-house business development teams to offer wider support, helping to generate and maximise any new business opportunities:

We use a range of tools to identify and engage with the right prospects for you. Prior to you receiving a lead as a new business meeting, all prospects are fully qualified against your specific criteria via intelligent, in-depth conversations. To do this effectively is an art and real skill and we have a highly talented team in place to deliver.

Insight and Data Selection

We use our own proprietary platform and database, combined with a range of external sources to ensure intuitive, insight driven targeting and data selection.

Prospect Outreach

Initial outreach via highly targeted phone calls. Real, in-person conversations remain the only way to identify if a prospect is right for your agency growth and development.


Email is used to support our phone outreach. Any approach via this channel is always bespoke and targeted and we can help develop content.


We use social media, primarily LinkedIn to support and amplify our lead generation activities as well as helping our clients promote any content.


Either as a standalone service or as part of a campaign we can support clients with competitor analysis, positioning and proposition development.


We offer support and training for clients and internal teams for both lead generation and new business meeting preparation and management.


Finding the right prospects is critical. We can offer desk and phone research to source the right leads for you or to help with proposition development.

Case Studies

Our experienced and talented team engage senior buyers via the most appropriate channels to understand their challenges and requirements. From this we build real, meaningful business to business relationships and generate opportunities with the companies you want to work with. This is supported by our best in class data, processes, systems and technology.

What our clients say

Just a short note to thank you for your time, enthusiasm, experience, hospitality and patience at our ‘Board Coaching Session’. The feedback from here was very positive, so let’s hope some of the team start putting what we learned into play moving forwards….including me!

Media Agency Owner

Alchemis are great to work with. Single minded in their approach and methodology, and that works! They open doors, create relationships and turn conversations into meetings at which point we do the rest. They are persistent, consistent and knowledgeable about our business which is why they deliver month after month on the agreed results.


The Brand Nursery

We have worked with Alchemis for approximately 2 years now. They have done an excellent job, even during the pandemic and lockdown. Their approach is both strategic and targeted, contacting and nurturing the leads appropriate for our company under the specifications given to them. I can highly recommend them as one of the best new business agencies I have worked with in my career.

Tim Griswold, European Sales Director

Marke Creative

I just wanted to say what an outstanding job you have been doing over the last few months to set up really good new business meetings. What I particularly love is not just setting up the meetings but the way you build real relationships. And when I read your briefing notes it is clear you know us better than I know it myself and you are able to pick up really want the client wants to discuss. It is quite clear to me all the people we see think and breath you as one of us. I increasingly think we need to add you to our new business credentials. Seems odd now to think you have not been. The Legal & General and British Council meetings are two excellent examples. I really like the fact we now don’t have new business meetings unless you identify a real need or challenge. This feels so much better and we end up having far healthier discussions.

Agency Owner

We have been working with Alchemis for the past 8 years, and as a result, have had a good number of exciting doors opened to us. Our Alchemis team really understand what it is we are about and what we are trying to achieve, putting forward a seamless face of the company to potential clients. Alchemis have wholeheartedly embraced our offering and confidently help us identify strong validated leads, resulting in some interesting and profitable opportunities. Thanks Alchemis for your hard work!


Pharma Marketing Communications Agency, Manchester

Alchemis has been our sole new business partner for the past 11 years and have been responsible for helping generate some key clients and continue to be an important part of our new business generation. As an integrated agency, they understand the challenges in finding the right angles to go in with and the right questions to ask, in order to open doors and develop relationships with the right people. Their phone first approach has been key to this process’.

Nigel Parsons - MD


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So, what’s with all the animals?

Ironically, it is all about understanding human traits and behaviours, specifically in the sales process. This helps us identify and prioritise those prospects with a higher propensity to buy, change agency or try something new. It also allows us to eliminate those that just aren’t right.

The animals started out life as the personas of the prospects we target to illustrate the range of personalities and how these affect buying decisions.