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For nearly 30 years we’ve listened, responded, challenged the status quo and made bold changes

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The result? A powerful combination of thorough processes, sound data, a brilliant team of account managers and great relationships with all our clients.

Who are we? We are a combination of our beliefs and our values and these influence what we do on your behalf. We sum it up best in two statements.


Sounds obvious? Well, you’d be surprised how few people can actually do it.
Let us explain.

The phone always has and always will form a fundamental part of our proposition. It’s where the magic really happens. So, it’s natural that listening, thinking and acknowledging what we’ve heard constitutes our primary behaviour. But the art of what we do lies in being able to hear not only what is said, but what is meant. We’ve learned to be sensitive enough to know when to press a point and when to stay quiet and simply acknowledge what we have been told.


We’re determined to succeed. And we work with clients who are determined to succeed. But the tipping point to success happens when you do it intelligently. It’s what makes the difference between those who lead and those who follow.

But our particular brand of intelligence means we remember we’re dealing with other people’s reputations and must think carefully before we act; knowing how to speak to prospects and when to be sensitive.

How we achieve success for our clients is all about chemistry and personality. We sum it up in three words: confident, helpful and warm.


We have confidence in many things. In the credibility we’ve amassed over thirty years. In our ability to develop strong relationships with prospects. In the tools we use to manage your campaigns. In the results we achieve for you. We understand the commitment it takes for you to spend money on new business development.


It’s perhaps clichéd to say we love what we do but that doesn’t mean it can’t be true. We enjoy helping our clients achieve their goals and we’re happy to share our insights and experience whenever we can. It is the Alchemis ‘way’ to go the extra mile.


The world we operate in can be full of tough calls. So it’s always been important to us to remember we’re still human. Those of us that lead Alchemis are always accessible to our clients and always keen to share the ups and downs. We’re receptive whatever the situation.

The Owners

The owners of Alchemis collectively have over 100 years’ experience in new business for agencies and together have worked on over 1,000 new business campaigns in every sector for every agency discipline.

  • Amanda Francis, Managing DirectorAmanda Francis
    Managing Director            

    Role Bringing on board new Alchemis clients, developing campaign strategies, pitch coaching.

    Traits Enthusiastic, energetic and insightful.

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  • David Newman, Team DirectorDavid Newman
    Team Director                    

    Role Coaching and motivating our Account Managers and ensuring they are fully equipped to deliver to our clients.

    Traits Analytical, tenacious with a sense of humour.

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  • Jim Piper, Client Services DirectorJim Piper
    Client Services Director     

    Role Overseeing campaign planning and implementation and liaising with clients at a strategic level.

    Traits Professional, strategic and empathetic.

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  • George Thomas CorrGeorge Thomas-Corr
    Director of Business Development

    Role Bringing on board new Alchemis clients, supporting the development of our Account Managers.

    TraitsPersonable, logical and compassionate.

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