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New Business for Video & Content Agencies

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We help video & content agencies with their new business.

We first started working with a video production company, helping them with their lead generation and new business, in January 2014 and due to its’ amazing success (over £1m generated within 2 years) we approached other video & content producers and distributors. We have now worked with scores of businesses in this space – content marketing, digital PR, influencer marketing, as well commercial and corporate film and video production and distribution.

There is a healthy appetite amongst brands and corporates to work directly with these content production guys rather than the traditional way of getting all this through their creative/ad agencies (including a hefty mark-up).

Wins and new business opportunities generated for our video & film production clients include ABTA, Agco, Tesco, Hitachi, GE Oil & Gas, Swatch, Orient Express Hotels, Iceland and Dreams.

If you’re a video & content agency, get in touch today to find out how we can help with your new business and lead generation campaigns.