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1. Brand, Corporate Communications and Culture agency owner

I just wanted to say what an outstanding job you have been doing over the last few months to set up really good new business meetings. What I particularly love is not just setting up the meetings but the way you build real relationships.

And when I read your briefing notes it is clear you know us better than I know it myself and you are able to pick up really want the client wants to discuss.

It is quite clear to me all the people we see think and breath you as one of us. I increasingly think we need to add you to our new business credentials. Seems odd now to think you have not been. The Legal & General and British Council meetings are two excellent examples.

I really like the fact we now don’t have new business meetings unless you identify a real need or challenge. This feels so much better and we end up having far healthier discussions.

2. Media agency owner

Just a short note to thank you for your time, enthusiasm, experience, hospitality and patience at our ‘Board Coaching Session’.

The feedback from here was very positive, so let’s hope some of the team start putting what we learned into play moving forwards….including me!

3. Digital Marketing Agency Business Development Director

How long after commissioning Alchemis was your first meeting of value?

It was around a month or so. It took 3-4 weeks to start building a solid pipeline, but we definitely had a good quality meeting booked into the diary within 4-5 weeks. It was attended a week or two after that. More good quality meetings followed shortly thereafter.

How long did it take to retain your first lucrative client as a direct result of Alchemis activity?

This was around 6 months or so. We had a number of good opportunities, but the first one converted into a paying client around 6 months after we first started our partnership. In fact, we’re still working with them now – around 2 ½ years later.

What has your experience of working with Alchemis been like?

Genuinely, it’s been brilliant. I was always a sceptic of new business agencies – they often promise the earth, and deliver nothing. However, that wasn’t the case with Alchemis. What I liked is that they were realistic from the off – they didn’t say we promise to generate you thousands of pounds of new business in the first 2 months. However, they were pragmatic in their approach – if we make x number of calls, we’ll deliver x number of meetings, which should in turn deliver x amount of business.

They are realistic in their expectations, and they follow a process that works. The account management is excellent – we get a full and thorough report on a monthly basis. Furthermore, our account manager is always on hand, every day, to answer any questions or queries we have.

Their approach is methodical, pragmatic and it works.

Given your experience, would you make any recommendations to a company about to work with Alchemis?

I’d have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Alchemis. Supplier/client relationships often have an expiry period, and working in an agency yourself, you’ll know that there is a churn rate if clients expectations aren’t met.

We’ve worked with Alchemis for 3 years now, and have recently signed a new agreement with them. Of course, we wouldn’t have done so had we not had a great experience.

If you want a new business agency that isn’t just full of good and skilled people, but you want one that is focused on results and is methodical in its approach to delivering, then I’d look no further than Alchemis.

Have you ever worked with any other business development agencies?

Yes – in a previous role. And Alchemis are by far the best.

What made you chose Alchemis?

When Amanda came to pitch their services to us, we met with another new business agency at the same time. I went down to London to look around both operations, and I was impressed with Alchemis having seen it first-hand.

I got a good first impression – there seemed a real buzz in the building and the atmosphere was excellent.

I also liked the fact that Amanda was honest – she didn’t set unrealistic expectations, more so ones that could definitely be hit. And as a result, she has not just brought us on as a client, but retained us as a very happy one.

Is Alchemis your only channel for business development?

We have an in-house business development team as a well as a marketing team, both of which I head-up. Although Alchemis are a 3rd party, external supplier – they work very closely with the managers of these two teams to ensure a more encompassing approach to our new business activity.

I also work closely with their Client Services Director – Jim Piper. Jim has offered some great advice on how to tackle some of the challenges we face.

All-in-all – a great company whom I’d recommend to anyone looking to grow their business development activity.

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