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We create a constant flow of opportunities for you to meet future clients and win new business.

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Our strength and experience lies in doing that for marketing, communication & creative agencies and consultancies across the UK. Rest assured our team of account managers understand the competitive, dynamic world you live in.

We aren’t in the habit of selling an illusion. Our solid results are based on three things. We’re willing and able to be totally transparent about them and we are constantly investing in them.


We have our own proprietary database and constantly update and cross reference our data which is why we can recognise trends in a market early.


Thirty years of fine-tuning how we work has taught us a lot. Layered on top of our data is the research we do, plus a careful cross-examination of the numbers. It’s all about stacking the odds firmly in favour of a winning campaign.


We all share the same values and use these principles to recruit new team members. Our people are results-orientated but sensitive enough to know how to achieve the right results. The secret is to form strong relationships with your potential clients.

Campaign Equity

At Alchemis, when we develop a plan for you, we will talk in terms of ‘Campaign Equity’. We encourage our clients to think in terms of growing their ‘Campaign Equity’ much as they would an investment fund.

The benefit of Campaign Equity to you is that at any point in time we can measure the number of key prospects in your market, the number we’ve spoken to, those we’ve built relationships with and therefore the number of potential clients that could be realised over time. This can then be plotted against the specific value of a win taking into account its total life-time value to you.

We arrive at these measures by working with you and discussing in detail the size and shape of your market and what you hope to achieve over an agreed period of time.