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Winning new clients through events

If you’re thinking of running your own events to generate new business, here are a few key tips to consider before starting. Successful events can build your profile, provide great content, as well as acquire new clients. Luckily, Alchemis can help you with all of them!

  1. Purpose – you need to be very clear from the outset about your reasons for the event. Is it to acquire new clients? Is it educational? Is it charitable? Is it a VIP event? All these can be attractive to different audiences and could require different types and levels of communication.
  2. Targeting and inviting the right audience – once you know the purpose of your event, you can then ensure you’re inviting the right audience, by market sector, by company size and profile, by location and by decision maker level.
  3. Deciding on the best topic/theme – again this is linked to the overall purpose and who you want to invite. Examples of successful themes include social media, disruptive brands, business or digital transformation.
  4. Getting the right speakers and location – sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised…..we’ve worked with agencies who’ve tried to invite representatives of businesses in the North West to a 2 hour breakfast seminar in central London. Equally, we’ve worked with agencies who got 3 absolutely spot on speakers for a social media event where the attended rate was 86% of acceptances.
  5. How to get the word out – emails are a good introduction, but you should use a decent event management system so all the acceptances can be captured and registered. This also helps you build a pipeline of possible interest for future events. Direct mail postcards can also be an innovative way of inviting people as they can be kept on desks as a reminder. Social media is then a useful tool to remind people of the event and hopefully get them excited – creating your hashtag can be very effective! Please do be aware that any data you use has to be accurate and GDPR compliant from May 2018.
    Following up the initial invites by phone also helps ensure you get enough bums on seats. In our experience, this can improve attendance figures by considerable margins.
  6. Timings are crucial in the whole process – send the invites too early and people will forget, send them too late and people will be too busy. We have enough experience to advise you on timings, as well as the total numbers you need to invite in order to generate sufficient interest and ultimately the required numbers of attendees on the day. The average fall out from acceptances to attendees can be as high as 40%
  7. Following up – there’s no point in putting all this effort and cost into putting on your own event if you then don’t follow up the attendees post event. Obviously there will always be a number of people that you engage with during the event and gain commitment to some kind of follow up meeting, but what about all the others? We can help you with this part of the process as well as all the pre-invite stuff.

Don’t just take our word for it  – here’s a testimonial from Richard Williams, New Business Director at Rawnet

“Alchemis helped us make our inaugural summer event (Consumer Expectations: The Driving Force behind Digital in Leisure) a real success in a number of time critical ways. These included helping to identify the key decision makers across a range of leisure markets (sports clubs, travel companies, museums, festivals etc.), ensuring data accuracy for the invites and following up the invites with a phone call to gain commitment to attending. This resulted in 5 highly qualified meetings and 2 new clients. We’d highly recommend Alchemis for anyone wanting to drive quality visitors to an event.”

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