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Top 5 reasons why prospects choose to work with a new agency

New business is an interesting space to be in at the moment; although if I’m honest, it’s been interesting for 25 years!

There is, however, a fine line between those who win business and those who don’t, particularly in this climate.

Setting the meeting with the right person at the right time is our job, but maximising the opportunity is obviously the responsibility of our clients. Our approach on the phone tends to focus on a rational sell (relevant experience, case studies, size and location of the agency we’re representing etc). The meeting itself then tends to be more about the emotional part of the sell (chemistry, trust etc) as well as the reiteration of the experience.

So, based on our experiences this year (and in no particular order), here are our top 5 reasons why prospects are prepared to give out a brief or an opportunity at a cold meeting:

  1. A willingness to listen to the prospect’s priorities and challenges
  2. A demonstration of flexibility of approach and potential solution
  3. A clear and simple proposition with absolute relevance to the prospect
  4. A desire and hunger to work with the prospect
  5. A Trojan Horse such as an audit or workshop

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