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Why content is even more important for agencies than for brands

This is a guest blog from our friends at WordUp who provide a range of content marketing and copywriting services for agencies.

The past few years have seen brands embrace content marketing like a long lost twin, and they don’t look like letting go anytime soon. Agencies on the other hand continue devoting great effort to making their clients look good, but never quite get around to doing the same for themselves.

What you say about your agency and how you say it can have an enormous impact on your new business. And every piece of your agency content can be a valuable sales tool, if handled right.

Producing your own agency content is one of the most effective ways to communicate everything you need prospects to know about your business. Of course, a business development strategy is vital, but without some serious thought into what it is that you’re trying to communicate to potential clients and getting those messages out consistently, your new business efforts simply won’t be as effective.

How can content help you win more new business?

When your prospect reads a project case study, a blog post, or your website, are they getting consistent and clear messages about your agency? For most agencies the answer is no.

Before any brand decides to work with you, they’ll want to know about previous work you’ve done in a similar space, so they can feel confident about your ability to deliver. They’ll also be looking for clues to help them decide whether they’d like to work with you.

The first step to creating content that works is to make sure that your message is consistent across all channels, and the only way to do that is to be crystal clear about your agency’s value proposition – who you are, what you do, what value you provide and why anyone should work with you.

Once you’ve got that nailed, the trick is to weave your core agency messages into all of your content – be that a case study or a sales email. You also need to be clear about who you’re talking to, and as well as focus on what you want to say, you need to have an idea about what they might want to hear or know about you.

Useful, interesting, engaging content needs to be at the heart of every business’ sales and marketing activity. And agencies need to take the lead, not only to develop deeper, longer-lasting client relationships, but also to show their peers, clients and everyone that comes in to contact with them, that they know what they’re doing.

Your key agency messages should be visible throughout all of your communication, from emails, proposals and presentations through to blogs, case studies and your website.

Clear and consistent content can help any agency develop and nurture a deeper, more meaningful connection with its audience, and help turn prospects into clients and ultimately into advocates for your business.

… and a footnote from us here at Alchemis to also remember that the success of your content marketing strategy will be magnified when combined as a part of joined up approach with a robust, well targeted outgoing business development campaign.

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