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What happened to the year of mobile marketing?

Just over a year ago, I wrote a blog on the Alchemis website that asked a simple question: 2012 – The Year of Mobile?  13 months on, I still don’t know the answer.

At the time, I mentioned the fact that the majority of my experience working in the digital world was mainly in the mobile space. I remember when a mobile “campaign” was a shared short code and a keyword on a newspaper ad or on a pack of whatever it was you were selling. This seems like the dark ages now but the simple (and sometimes very effective) campaigns of those days did adhere to one rule that still rings true today – namely that you need to ensure that your mobile presence complements and supports your offline presence.

It still amazes me that despite the huge mainstream press coverage that has been given to the launch of the 4G network in the UK I still come across supposedly forward-thinking brands and companies who have given next to no thought to how their website looks on a handheld device. It’s not enough to simply have an app as an add-on to your traditional digital presence. Having a mobile optimised site that offers at least the same level of usability as well as being visually up to scratch is a necessity. More and more consumers these days are foregoing the traditional means of going online and are instead using the device that is most convenient but also most important to them. That device is their mobile phone (or in some cases tablet). I’d like everyone reading this to take a moment and think what their honest answer is to the following question. If your house/flat was on fire, what 3 things (not including family members, pets, etc) would you grab as you left? If you’re honest, more than half of you would include your mobile phone along with purse/wallet and photos of family/friends. Your phone is no longer just a phone. It’s your personal organiser, your diary, your computer, and dare I say, your friend?

Those companies that recognise the importance of the consumer’s mobile phone or tablet will be able to communicate and engage with their target audience on the go, and most importantly they will be able to deliver the right message at the right time. For those that don’t recognise the brave (not so) new world? You could always go for the old school way. Although I’m not sure how successful this would be these days…

“Text “NEWBIZ” to 54321 for your chance to win one month’s free New Business activity. Standard Network Charges Apply, T’s & C’s apply, to opt out text STOP. Service Provider Alchemis Ltd”

No, I don’t think so either.

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