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Top 10 Tips for Generating New Business

As Managing Director of Alchemis, a business development agency specialising in helping creative, marketing and strategic agencies win business, I am often asked how to maximise the new business appointments we set up for our clients.

Here are my top 10 business generation tips for ensuring that you make the most of any current or future opportunities.

  1. The purpose of a first meeting is to get a second meeting.
  2. Ensure your pre-meeting research enables you to develop an observation or an opinion on the prospect’s marketplace and/or the challenges they are facing.
  3. Put yourself in the prospect’s shoes and consider why they should buy from you.
  4. Equally, consider why they might not buy from you.
  5. Develop your pitch and your collateral to reflect points 3 and 4.
  6. Set the scene at the beginning of the meeting through effective signposting.
  7. Always state your desired destination at the beginning of the meeting; in other words, close at the start of the meeting.
  8. Develop a checklist of information you need from the prospect and then develop a series of open and progressive questions to help elicit this information.
  9. Pre-empt any likely objections to your offer.
  10. Do NOT make your prospects suffer from death by PowerPoint!

We offer sales coaching to all our clients to help them maximise the meetings that we set up for them and would be happy to talk to you in more detail about this element of our service offer.

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