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Time Poor, Information Rich

In an increasingly frenetic society, consumers want access to information instantly and at the touch of a button.

Smartphones are fast becoming THE device of choice when surfing the net with 80% of users owning one – the rise of App usage goes hand in hand with this.

A recent Nielsen survey showed that 89% of consumers’ time on a mobile device is spent on Apps, compared with the 11% spent in browsers. Apps generally provide users with a more engaging experience than the mobile Web version.

For example, users open their Facebook app more frequently than they do the mobile Web version, and sessions are longer. That increased engagement also allows advertisers to access more accurate and personalised targeting. Mobile devices are also being optimized for video content: screens are bigger, and 4G networks and WiFi capabilities are standard features.

Right now I’m off to book my summer holiday through my ‘Secret Escapes’ App!

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