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Learning the ropes – thoughts of a new business apprentice

After joining Alchemis in November 2012, I am now into my third month and really getting a strong feel for the company and what it stands for. They are a fantastic company to work for and I already feel part of the team.

Having come from a sales focused background in an array of different markets, Alchemis is the settled role I’ve been looking for. My previous three positions have been field based and although this allows for a certain sense of freedom, it can also be a limiting solitary lifestyle!

Being constantly on the move, exercising my range of skills in everything from sales to account management to training (sometimes all in one day) did have its benefits. No strict ties or confinement to the office seemed liberating. In reality, it was a test of endurance; driving and taking in the not so beautiful sights of the M25 coupled with the daily lunch stop in the motorway services certainly took its toll!

Having been given the opportunity to join the Alchemis team, I was excited not only to have a fixed office and my very first desk, but a host of co-workers, every one of whom has been instrumental in developing me in my challenging new role.

Within the role of a new New Business Manager, I am responsible for support calling on a variety of different marketing agencies. These have so far included a digital agency, a creative agency, a communications agency and a market research agency. It has been a significant challenge to learn all the different propositions offered by each agency but one I have greatly relished. With help from my fellow New Business Managers and our Sales Director, Dave, I have been able to truly understand how unique each of our clients are and how to adapt each proposition to articulate this to prospective clients.

I am looking forward to taking on my own clients and exploring my role further with the extra challenges and responsibilities this will present. I’m learning new skills every day at Alchemis and becoming more and more confident in my position. If the reports of my colleagues are anything to go by, there is a truly promising future for the right person at Alchemis and I am very much looking forward to the exciting times ahead of me!

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