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Things I hate about new business #1

I recently read an amusing article entitled 5 things I hate about new business.

Although it’s written by an American ex military guy, it got me thinking about the reasons why creative marketing agencies dislike the thought of using a new business agency.

Here’s the number one reason to start off the debate – I’ll follow up with more reasons and my response to them in future blogs…..

“I went all the way to Hull to meet a 22 year old who didn’t really understand marketing, who didn’t have a decent budget and who wasn’t sure why I was there”! Ring any bells?

Poor meeting quality is probably the most commonly cited reason for not wanting to use a business development agency and is either based on personal experience or anecdotal evidence from friends or colleagues in other agencies.

We’ve all experienced meetings that are a waste of time and it’s why Alchemis focuses so heavily on ensuring that all our meetings adhere to some very strict quality criteria, agreed up front and in conjunction with our clients.

These quality criteria include the market sector, size, location and profile of any prospects we agree to target on our client’s behalf and the potential spend and need for our client’s service offer.

Our New Business Managers’ incentive scheme supports this approach by rewarding our team on quality meetings attended and not on the meetings they set.

This ensures that the focus on the phone is on engaging with decision makers and having a serious 2 way conversation about their current marketing/design/digital/research/communications challenges and priorities rather than haranguing them with ‘sales lines’ just to secure a meeting.

One thought on “Things I hate about new business #1

  1. Bob Sanders says:

    Thank you for the link!

    I would add one more for your list… I don’t own the relationship! All the work in developing and cultivating a great relationship is done by the new biz agency. If, for some reason, I decide to leave them then all that time and effort goes to waste.

    Keep up the good work!


    Bob Sanders
    Sanders Consulting Group

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