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The ONLY 5 ways to grow your agency!

Effective new business and sales campaigns are often a challenge.

In the UK’s crowded, hyper-competitive market place how can you cut through the noise and reach the right clients? What is the best way to engage and convert them to drive predictable revenues for your business? How can you fast track all of this to deliver more effective client conversations and rapid revenue growth?

Join Rob King, Founder Director at The Client Key, and Amanda Francis, Managing Director of Alchemis for a breakfast workshop looking at how to deliver more effective new business and sales campaigns – specifically for creative agencies.

The workshop will be structured around the following steps to grow your agency:

1. Brand Proposition – how to deliver a clear simple message that clients understand.

2. Client Audit – understanding who are the right ones for your business.

3. Engagement – the best way to find and engage prospects, across lead generation and client conversations.

4. Acquisition – how to effectively win them as clients.

5. Listen & Learn – improving your process to create a self-sustaining new business function in your agency.


Breakfast Seminar on Thursday 21st November at the Covent Garden Hotel, 10 Monmouth Street, London WC2H 9HB

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