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Agencies get high on pharmaceutical new business opportunities

The advertising and marketing column in the Evening Standard on 7th February focused on the pharmaceutical world and how recent and future changes offer opportunities for specialist healthcare agencies.

Alchemis has successfully served numerous healthcare agencies over the years. These have been in the traditional PR, communications and advertising space, but more recently the digital sector.

Healthcare and pharmaceutical work is something in which we have thrived and one of the few areas where we have worked for both UK and overseas clients. The nature of the business is interesting and diverse and a break from the more mainstream sectors in which we operate.

One key difficulty in this arena for new business prospecting is that of data and contacts and this is a key reason why these specialist agencies turn to Alchemis. We have spent a long time building data in this sector and this helps us get around the no name policies, which provide the biggest barrier to success.

As the article highlights, political reform and a change in consumer behaviour and access to information is opening up new avenues for agencies. With the power moving away from the NHS trusts, doctors’ surgeries will take charge of buying medicine. This change brings big opportunities for communications experts.

The article goes on to suggest that global demand for medicine will increase as developing countries such as India and China increase their expenditure.

However, it is the digital world that has really put the cat among the pigeons. Even in my days on the phone for several healthcare agencies in the early noughties, “Direct to Consumer” communications (or DTC) was the buzz phrase. With the internet and the growing influence and power of social media, there is huge potential for well positioned agencies.

Digital communication is also a great tool to help work around the ever increasing time constraints of the healthcare professional.

Due to our experience of the sector, Alchemis is set up to help healthcare focused agencies really benefit from all these changes. We enjoy the challenge the industry brings and would welcome the chance to deploy our skills in this area further.

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