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Starting a new business? You must be having a laugh!

Whilst squeezing myself into the tiniest space possible on the cattle truck (aka the Central Line) earlier this month on my daily commute, I performed my second trick of the day… Reading Metro without actually having enough space to open the pages. I’m pretty good at origami these days from years of practising this feat during the rush hour.

Anyway, one article that caught my eye was about some research done by marketing expert Dr Jaywant Singh of Kingston University. One of the findings of this research was that having a wacky name will help a business stand out from the competition. So if you are starting a new business, make sure you give it a “punny” name.

Now, I’m not sure this would necessarily work in all industries – for example, a funeral directors looking to increase the amount of bereaved families that chose them to arrange the sending off of a loved one is unlikely to come up with a name like “Angela’s Ashes” or “A Coffin Fit”. However, anyone who has ever had a haircut must have spotted names like “A Cut Above” when walking down the high street. Likewise, anyone ever eating fast food would have seen a few gems like “Rock and Sole Plaice” or “Abra-Kebabra”

So, with all this talk of business development being dependent on how funny your business name is I had a look at Britain’s top superbrands.

Sadly, I can’t really see any businesses on there with a pun in their name. But don’t let that deter you from your dream of pushing your business to dizzying new heights with an amusing name. Surely as many people now know “Compare The Meerkat” as they do “Compare The Market” so brand recognition can grow way beyond your actual company name if your promotional tactics are good enough.

And as for me, I will be suggesting to the board that we change our own branding from “Alchemis – The Business Development Agency” to “The Bees Knees Development Agency”

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