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Spartan Race for Diversity Role Models

On Sunday 18th November 2012 I’m doing the Spartan Race, which is a 12 mile obstacle course to raise money for Diversity Role Models.

According to their website it is a 12 mile obstacle race “from hell”. They don’t tell you exactly what obstacles will be in the race, but from the videos I have seen, I’m expecting to crawl through mud, climb over walls and jump over fire… so just a regular Sunday morning then.

I got involved by accident to be honest. A friend had dropped out and casually said to me that the race “was not my thing” – implying, I felt, that I was probably unable to do it.

Well I couldn’t have that, so I said “it is my thing and I can do it, so sign me up.” The next day I received my confirmation email from Spartan and felt a little bit scared!

So to combat any nerves and to give me incentive to not pull out I decided that I would raise money for a charity that is close to my heart; Diversity Role Models,  a charity that actively seeks to prevent homophobic bullying in schools in the UK

Diversity Role Models aims to stop bullying before it happens by educating all young people about differences in sexuality and gender identity.

As a role model for the charity I have seen the positive outcomes their workshops produce. Teaching young people about different sexualities and equality in love can only produce a more healthy and productive society.

If anyone fancies sponsoring me for this good cause, here is the link to my charity giving page.

Many thanks,
Bindya Solanki

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