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Using social marketing to generate new voters

I heard on BBC’s Breakfast News this morning that the Electoral Commission are using Facebook to generate some new business – in this case to encourage the 3.5 million people who are eligible to vote but are not registered to do so to get their backsides in gear.

Voter turn out amongst 18-24 year-olds is always poor, so anything that can be done to improve this must be good news.

With this in mind, it is one of the most useful campaigns I can think of in recent times and one which can genuinely be called “social marketing”, what with the potential benefit it could have on society as a whole – a truer reflection of how the people would like the country governed as the proportion of people having their say increases… unless of course these 3.5 million who have slipped through the net are complete morons or Nazis or something, in which case I’m sure it will be awful.

Of course, how successful it will be remains to be seen and the real challenge will be to actually get people off Facebook for 5 minutes and into the polling booths. So may I suggest to the Electoral Commission some sort of experiential marketing or sales promotion enticement to follow up – put your ballot in the box and you get the chance to live on an MP’s expense account for a year perhaps? I can already see the headlines now: “Counting still going on after three days – all parties stunned by highest turnout ever.”

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