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Selling Marketing Agencies – a Science AND an Art

Most people would agree that selling is an art, referring to “the art of persuasion” or “the gift of the gab”. At Alchemis we wouldn’t dispute this. We provide our staff with the best sales coaching in the business but know they have to be made of the right stuff in the first place, which is why we only employ experienced sales people.

Selling is also a science. Since the turn of the millennium we have made over 1 million calls (setting over 14,000 quality appointments in the process) to every conceivable type of company or organisation on behalf of our clients, who in turn range from big to small, new to established and cover every conceivable marketing discipline.

Not surprisingly we have learned a thing or two about how to generate new business wins for our clients along the way. This volume of activity alone would not make us experts though, it’s through the appliance of science to the vast amount data we have at our fingertips that we have been able to really benefit our clients.

We think that a new business agency should have the combination of experience and software to ensure they arrive at the best campaign strategy and direction for clients from the start, have the diagnostic tools to identify where change is needed if a campaign’s success does fall below expectations and possess the insight to put a campaign back on track quickly.

Every New Business Agency will offer a client the chance to spend a little to win a lot. If it were really that simple it would be a no-brainer for agency owners but where there’s chance there’s risk. At Alchemis we think that 23 years spent helping marketing agencies grow through good times and bad, accumulating a vast amount of knowledge and experience along the way means we leave less to chance than our peers.

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