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Retail Goes Hi-Tech

I read an interesting article in Design Week on 10th December.

This article gave a rough prediction on 2010 marketing trends and it picked out five key directions for this year.

I was extremely excited when I read that one of the key directions was going to be digital touch points in the retail environment. This subject is familiar ground for me as one of my clients that I help generate new business for is an ecommerce agency who are particularly forward thinking in this area.

Last year, I had the pleasure of introducing the concept of Instore Kiosks to marketing prospects. Instore Kiosks are essentially a robust, touch-screen version of an eCommerce store. It allows the consumer to search for products, colours, and sizes that aren’t on the shelves. This concept can also be applied to an offline store to save the customer time when browsing. Another area of interest has been mobile applications; online stores have come up with tens of thousands of applications to enhance the handset experience and this is potentially a great area for growth in the retail sector this year.

Of course, many of you will have already heard of these mediums last year, but the difference this year is that retailers will be under much more pressure to move with the times as marketing becomes more sophisticated and technical. What started off as a discussion last year will now be put into practice.

If you are a creative agency working in this sector, we would be interested to find out what your thoughts are on this subject.

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