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Raising the Bar of Interactive Viral Marketing

Anyone remember those geeky sci-fi role-playing books of the eighties?

You know the ones where the story follows a single direction for the first few pages and then the reader is faced with two or three options of how to progress the plot – turn to page 82 to fight the dragon; turn to page 54 to run away; turn to page 41 to use your magic invisibility potion and sneak past undetected?

Well the latest Tippex campaign should have fans of those books frothing at the mouth as they raise the bar with their offering. Why limit yourself to two or three choices? Type ANYTHING you like to progress the plot and watch in astonishment as it unfolds on screen before your very eyes.

OK, admittedly the “story” of the advert and any outcome is less than a minute long and it took me about six attempts before I found some verbs that the ad couldn’t deliver, but even then it gave a humorous take on the standard “Error #404” bad request message.

The way this has been made, the relevance to the product and the subsequent coverage it has achieved has made it an instant hit – and surely it will pave the way for hundreds of other brands to launch similar campaigns.

Unfortunately though, I still can’t think that I’d actually have much use for Tippex these days.

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