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Raising a Toast to the Future of Marketing

I was intrigued to read about LG’s cunning plan to partially subsidise the cost of their new smart TVs by placing native ad units in the launch bar.

The idea is that a user will click on the ad and either be directed to the advertised program, or to the app store to download the content provider’s app.

As technology evolves at breakneck speed, surely this is just the tip of the iceberg for lead generation?

Some of you may have seen the Netflix series “Maniac” that came out last year with Jonah Hill and Emma Stone. Set in New York in an alternate reality, some of the scenes involve an “Ad Buddy.” The concept is that you can offset your bills for something, for example a train fare, in exchange for a person accompanying you everywhere and spouting advertisements at you, like a human pop-up that you can’t switch off for a given period.

In the digital age, we don’t need an actual person as an Ad Buddy to drum up new business. But surely with the Internet of Things, manufacturers could boost their revenue and lower the cost of their products to the consumer for pretty much anything.

Here’s an extreme example of just how far this could go:

Dualit will sell you their latest premium toaster for a quid. Surely everyone wants a Dualit luxury toaster, especially one that’s about £164 cheaper than the RRP? There’s just one catch – you have to buy Kingsmill bread for it, because they have an affiliate deal with Dualit as a means to increase their customer revenue. Each loaf is packaged with a unique barcode. Once you scan that on your Dualit luxury toaster, it will allow you to toast however many times there are slices of bread in that pack.

But what if you want Hovis for a change? Well, you could use another brand of bread; however, you would need to pay an online top-up fee so that Dualit and Kingsmill can recoup some of their investment. If you don’t, the toaster simply closes its rack to the width of a human hair until you scan your next Kingsmill pack.

How about if you stop using your toaster? The marketing guys predicted that scenario and built these appliances with an imbedded long-life battery and speaker that blasts out the Kingsmill advert every 2 hours (or any other brand that Dualit has sold airtime to) until you put some more bread in.

Finally, if you try and throw it away before you’ve toasted enough bread for it to become profitable, it has an inbuilt GPS tracking device which emits a signal like a plane’s black box. Dualit will find it and you’ll be in real trouble then!

I’ve written blogs several years ago with similar themes about how the Internet of Things and Wearable Tech will shape business development and our buying decisions. Whilst my vision of this dystopian future hasn’t become reality quite yet, surely it is just a matter of time…

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