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Parties fall in line over marketing to kids

Of all the electioneering and posturing that’s going on, very few articles catch my eye and make me want to read on – this one did.

This particular article resonated for two key reasons:

Firstly, I run a business development agency helping marketing agencies find new business and am conscious of the fact that one day I may be invited to help an agency that specialises in marketing to kids, and as such, will have to make a decision as to whether we want to work with them.

Secondly, I’m the grandmother of an 18 month old and will no doubt be facing the problems associated with marketing to kids as she gets older and more verbal in her demands to keep up with all her classmates (my own son was told ‘no’ but I’m not sure that cuts it any more in this greed driven world)

Anyway, I’m pleased that to read that a website that will enable parents to complain about sexualised products and marketing aimed at children will go ahead whether Labour or the Conservatives win the general election.

I don’t care whose idea it was or who put it in their manifesto first, I’m just glad that both parties are sensible enough to see value in the notion. I also hope that the industry is consulted.

Here’s a prime example of why we need to prioritise initiatives like this – Primark is forced to withdraw its padded bikini tops for 7 year girls – need I say more?

Would be good to hear your views on this…

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