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New Year’s Resolutions

Well here we are in a new decade! I hope you are all feeling bright-eyed and bushy tailed after a significant period of relaxation over the Christmas break?

And as is tradition at the start of a new year, I trust you all made some achievable resolutions to improve your lives in 2020?

I made a few:

1. Go teetotal – to be healthier and save a fortune, what with the extortionate price of a pint in the West End.
2. Start going to the gym again – if for no other reason than because paying for a membership and not going is effectively chucking money straight down the drain… and the sewer is no place for my hard-earned dosh (unless it is due to something actually enjoyable, like breaking resolution 1)!
3. Don’t break these new year’s resolutions in the first week.

As usual, I’d broken the first resolution by the 2nd of January (and therefore also the third), but I’m still optimistic about the gym one. After all, “start” is a call to action something not yet done and I didn’t put a time limit on when to start by. I could start tomorrow. Or the day after. Or maybe next week…

So, what’s the link to new business here you may wonder?

Well, it is to point out that if you haven’t started your new business drive for 2020 already, you really should get a wriggle on. And if you have already started it (well done you!) it is vital that you keep up the momentum throughout the year and don’t let it go the way of my resolutions after a few days/weeks/months.

Lead generation is one of those things that, for perfectly understandable reasons, some creative agencies may find themselves diving in and out of. Delivering to your current clients will also be a priority. You will no doubt find yourself “firefighting” to meet deadlines at various times and your business development effort may be put on the back burner.

However, keeping that flow of opportunities running at all times should make winning new business much easier than any stop-start approach. After all, you will be talking to your prospects more frequently and maintaining/building relationships, even if they are not ready to use your services at that specific point. You will also keep abreast of the issues facing both the market in general and the specific companies you are speaking with, which should increase your ability to offer the most relevant solutions to meet these needs.

And even if you don’t have an in-house resource for full time or part time lead generation, using a reputable business development agency may prove to be a valuable asset to boost your client base as we move into the new decade.

Happy New Year people!

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