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Hello 2012

I hope you’re all fully rested after the long Xmas break and that you got everything you wanted from family and friends!

We had a great start to the year with 2 of our clients confirming decent sized wins in the first 2 days back, so long may that continue.

I’m personally looking forward to 2012; firstly, I’m one of the lucky few with tickets for the Olympics (the diving no less, so I’m getting ready to cheer Tom Daley and the rest of the team on) but I’m also going to keep my eyes open for more tickets – so if anyone knows anyone…

On a business level, I remain confident about this year. I know we’ve probably not seen the worst of it yet, there’s a double dip coming etc but this isn’t like the early 1990s recession when everyone stopped spending on Marketing. In this competitive marketplace, brands and companies will almost certainly die a death if they DON’T spend, albeit wisely and in a well researched and planned/ targeted manner and increasingly on digital and social media.

According to the latest research from the AAR the number of new business pitches in 2011 declined by 13% .

However, Kerry Glazer said that there are a few encouraging signs, that the decline in advertising appears to have bottomed out for example, which could be grounds for future optimism.

Also of note is the fact that the trend for large clients to hold integrated pitches disappeared in 2011.

Most of our clients prefer us to get them ‘under the radar’ to start a relationship rather than chase pitches, so these facts will not have much impact on our core business, but we do keep an eye on any trend in the marketplace as forewarned is always forearmed.

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