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New business opportunities will always arise for those who dare to be brave

As most of the country are being confined to their homes for at least the next few weeks, I’m sure I’m not alone in finding there are a very different set of distractions to those faced in the office.

My first distraction is the pain in my back as I’ve been sitting on a dining room chair all day to use my PC rather than my far more comfortable ergonomically designed office chair. A few years back, I had a swivel office type chair at home. I was accused of hoarding and encouraged (in the strongest possible terms) to chuck it out by my wife. To be fair it didn’t get any use back then and it had certainly seen better days – I seem to remember buying it in the mid-nineties. But what I would give for my slightly wobbly old swivel chair now.

My second distraction is that as there are no visitors to my current office (or living room as it was formally known), I have a bit more time to do things like write blogs. So I’ve been thinking about hindsight, foresight and the new business and marketing opportunities that will arise from this madness.

If anyone had asked a few months ago, I bet none of you would have guessed that toilet paper would, in a matter of weeks, become the new bitcoin.

But if there is one thing that the human race is pretty bloody good at, it is overcoming challenges whilst generating revenue, wealth and social advancement from innovative new ideas at the same time.

When it comes to the toilet paper situation, half of Asia are way ahead of us already. So unless you want to stockpile mountains of the stuff once this is over (just in case it happens again in our lifetime), I’m predicting that the UK will gradually start to adopt the “bum gun” trigger/hose attachment commonly seen in places like Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, etc or – for those who want to go for the full-on luxury solution – the Japanese style toilet.

In 15 years time, the whole country will be looking back at news footage of people fighting in the supermarkets over the last pack of loo roll with the same kind of bemusement as if somebody today had just asked you to send them a fax instead of an email.

Tech companies, environmental companies, porcelain companies, designers and plumbers will all get the chance to share in this new business bonanza as futuristic toilets replace our tired old standard flush ones, that currently sit mockingly in the corner of our bathrooms.

And that’s before the marketers even get involved. Agencies across all disciplines will be bombarding us with campaigns bestowing the virtues of the “Armitage Shanks Supaclean Wash and Dry mk 4 – now with automatic rose petal fragrance release function.”

So just remember, even from this crappy situation we are in, new business opportunities will always arise for those who dare to be brave!

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