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New business for lawyers? The unstoppable rise of (anti) social media

I know, I know… you’ve heard it all before from me (well, if you’ve read some of my other blogs you may have done).

I don’t think there is a single day that passes without me reading another story in the newspaper about someone with “Twitter Tourette’s” or “Facebook Foot In Mouth” (surely it is just a matter of time until these terms are recognised as genuine medical conditions like tennis elbow).

So here are a few choice snippets that I remember from this week:

  1. The hospital worker who tweeted that he was going to use patients’ shaved pubic hair to replicate Bradley Wiggins sideburns (as well as referring on Twitter to senior colleagues as “Bellend” or “Mr Vagina Rage”). Outcome – suspended from his job and may be struck off altogether.
  2. A “Twitter Troll” who sent death and rape threats to a media activist who dared to suggest putting Jane Austin on £10 notes. Outcome – currently in prison.
  3. A man due to start jury duty who posted on Facebook that “Anyone who finds themselves in court is guilty. Hang’em”. Outcome – excused from jury duty.

Now, whilst I’m certainly not one of those outraged tax payers that chokes with fury on their morning cuppa as they read about the 50 million billion trillion Romanians who may or may not be flooding into Britain with the sole purpose of either “taking our jobs” or “scrounging our benefits” (depending which tabloid you believe), I can’t help feeling slightly miffed that a certain proportion of my hard earned money – and it is hard earned, believe me – is being spent in various courts/tribunals/etc, etc up and down the country to deal with a bunch of blabbermouths, who until a few years ago just wouldn’t have had the same kind of platform to say such cretinous things to the world.

But where there are losers (the taxpayers and in most cases the idiots who end up losing their jobs or in prison because of a drunken rant on Twitter), there have to be winners too.

So, if you want my advice, 2014 is the year to invest in a law firm that specialises in dealing with (anti) social media cases. My prediction is that they’ll be winning more new business than you can shake a stick at.

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