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New business salvation ideas for impoverished film industry

I’m eagerly awaiting the opportunity to see Morgan Spurlock’s (of Supersize Me fame) latest film release – The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.

A documentary into the dark heart of product placement, advertising and marketing in films and TV shows would be right up my street as you’ll see from some of my recent blogs.

However, does the fact that the BBC can’t have any product placement (except for Tom’s curved nail file in The Apprentice and all their senior reporters wearing Berghaus jackets) mean that it will never be able to screen it or will the fact that it’s a documentary mean the rules don’t apply?

Also, with a film like this, I’d imagine the brands that funded it wouldn’t be too distressed about people using torrent sites to download it for nothing as viewers are going to see the product placement either way. Not sure that the studios would be too chuffed though.

So, my plan to solve the issue of piracy (that the film industry constantly claim has virtually reduced it to poverty) is to have ALL future films funded by brands via product placement and advertising on a pay per click basis. As these brands would be paying for the films, they will probably want to influence the script too, so they will need to employ entire departments of screenwriters and editors to make sure the viewers are getting the right message in the right circumstances at the right time. The viewer can download it for free and then the film studio gets a fee from the brands for each download– a bit like a sponsored link on Google.

Everyone’s a winner – as long as you never want to see anything that’s actually any good.

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