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True Confessions of a New Business Executive – Part 2

Read part one if you missed it!

So here I am 10 years later – a New Business Manager – a role like no other. This essentially is outsourced sales, so agreed we are “selling” our clients, but it’s no double-glazing sell. This role is all about intelligent questioning – helping the prospects on the other end of the phone understand that they could get something out of a relationship with your agency. Pushy sales equal zero opportunities – that’s the way the cookie crumbles in this game.

I work on behalf of 5 clients, ranging from design and digital to consumer research, and full service marketing communications, and in short, I generate new business leads and arrange qualified new business meetings for my clients. Meetings that will, with work from both sides, result in winning new business.

The difference in this kind of sell is the softness of the approach, the intelligence behind knowing where your client could fit, and the questions to ask to ensure a meeting would result in an opportunity.

Now I’m sure I could set a meeting for the sake of setting a meeting, but what would I get for that aside from an unhappy client, and dressing down from my senior management? Not even a bag of lemons my friend, not even a bag of lemons.

So in short, by all means drink in the acidic wrath of the “Confessions of a New Business Executive” article. But bear in mind, the majority of New Business agencies out there are professional, honest, and well worth their clients’ investment.

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