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True Confessions of a New Business Executive – Part 1

So, you may well have read the article “Confessions of a New Business Executive” in the marketing press last month?

Slightly damning to say the least. A sad, and no doubt unique experience of a poor little new business urchin, stuck in a job reminiscent of the Glengarry Glen Ross film (if you haven’t seen it, I would highly recommend it).

Now, following this amusing, yet slightly off the mark insight into the world of a new business agency, I felt it my duty as New Business Manager to respond and give a true insight into the world of business development.

To begin, a little information on myself – following college I began my sales career as a travel agent, complete with vomit green shirt, and garish clip on tie (apparently made so armed robbers couldn’t yank you out of your seat). “Can I help you madam? I see you’re looking at the Costa Cruise brochure, may I recommend Carnival Cruises? Granted it’s double the price, but it’s tailored for the younger traveller like you. What? You are 86? You don’t look a day over 20! Shall I go ahead and book this then?” Yes, I was a cheesy young salesman, and would say almost anything to bag myself a sale. That was then – this is now.

10 years later, and with an array of sales positions under my belt, I found Alchemis. Now if the hard sell, pit-bull of a 17-year-old salesman still lingered within me, a role in new business was not the role for me. Thankfully with my years of sales experience, I have learned that professionalism and intelligent sales skills are what cuts the mustard.

Ok let’s pick this up tomorrow. Some people have work to do you know.

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