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Tell a story that matters to win new business – effective content strategies

I love this article about 5 brands with effective content strategies, mainly because the first point’s heading is ‘Tell a story that matters’. It’s a phrase I use a lot when coaching our clients on how to optimise the first meetings we set up for them.

Selling is all about telling stories and let’s face it, that’s fundamentally what most forms of marketing boil down to – how to generate sales, albeit through increased awareness, making it easy for customers to buy etc. etc.

Case studies are the best way to tell stories, giving your prospect anecdotal and therefore emotional reasons to buy (such as how you helped your contact achieve a promotion partly based on the success of a campaign) as well as demonstrating objective and rational reasons to buy (such as ROI)

Do make sure though that you pick the right anecdote for the right person; individuals have differing buying motives and you need to select the most appropriate story for the person in front of you.

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