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Mobile & UX to top the bill for new business opportunities in 2014

According to a recent report from Econsultancy and Adobe, customer experience and mobile are seen as the most exciting business opportunities in 2014.

However, do we need this report to tell us that? Isn’t it obvious? And shouldn’t businesses have put these two areas at the forefront of their strategy for at least the past three years!?

The stats have been there for years telling us about the growth of m-commerce and if you haven’t got a user-friendly mobile site already in place by now, then you would have fallen well behind the rest of the market. When approaching multi-store national retailers on behalf of my digital client, I am always amazed to find that there are still some companies out there that don’t have a mobile optimised site. If you’re like me (clutching on to your 20’s), or even a generation ahead, and you’ve upgraded your mobile phone at some stage in the past 5 years, then you would be well accustomed to using this device as your primary web viewing tool, unless of course you’re downloading or streaming and wanting a larger screen to watch it on.

Now, unless you’re still one of those people that thinks that if you punch in your bank or card details whilst using 3G/4G then someone will quite easily get hold of them and somehow use them to do their own spot of online shopping, you’ll now feel comfortable with making the odd purchase on your mobile phone. It certainly doesn’t take me long to bounce straight off a site if I have to mess around with the sizing just to read what’s on the page. On the rare occasion that I do have the patience, I certainly won’t be hanging around if I have to do it on a 2nd page. This shows complete negligence on both fronts – mobile and customer experience.

When approaching companies that have yet to give much thought to either “trend”, my eyes will always light up and think, “Well, here’s a new business opportunity”. However, what you’ll usually find is that if it’s taken them until now to sort it out then they’ve been losing out long enough for it to have a heavy impact on their bottom line and, thus, are unlikely to have the budget to produce something effective enough to help them claw it back and be in line with their competitors.

Where the market is starting to sit up and give customer experience proper consideration is with looking at specialists and this is where Alchemis are also starting to find success. Like so many in the past have sought a specialist for SEO and PPC, rather than handing it to their web agency, more and more companies are now looking to customer experience specialists, even though it’s a service that almost all digital agencies say they offer. As a result, many more customer experience agencies are looking to Alchemis to support their new business activity and recently we’re starting to enjoy an increase in new business for our clients in this area.

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