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Top 5 tips on managing first new business meetings

Alchemis has set you a really good quality meeting and now it’s up to you to maximise the opportunity.

Here are our top 5 tips for making sure you achieve your first meeting objective of securing a second meeting.

  1. Research the prospect, their marketplace and their competitors with the aim of developing opinions, observations and insights – these insights show you’ve done your research, that you’re capable of independent thought and also allow you to bridge the gap between the social niceties and the business end of the meeting
  2. Always set the scene – signpost the journey and state the desired destination up front. Pre-closing makes the end of the meeting more relaxed for everyone
  3. Do NOT bore the prospect with a Powerpoint presentation – take sharp tools (aka case studies) and leave your comfort blanket at home
  4. Prepare and ask a series of planned and considered questions, giving you the information you want from the meeting – focus on their challenges and priorities
  5. Pre-empt the prospect’s likely objections to using you; putting objections on the table allows you to deal with them or at the very least, lets you know why they won’t be using you

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