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Learn to take yes for an answer

Interesting read here on understanding when to stop selling.

It’s based on Peter Mead giving a talk on the secrets of great account management including a reminder to stop talking at the right time in the sales process.

What we must also remember is that everyone is different; whilst some people require a lot of detail in order to make an informed decision, others get the concept early on in a sales pitch and are more spontaneous in their decision-making. The real skill in selling is to know when to shut up and when to keep talking.

There are a number of behavioural clues which will help you determine the best route, all of which we share with our clients so they are fully armed to deal with all types of people.

Without giving away too many secrets, here are a couple of tips:

  • Spontaneous decision makers will arrive at a meeting a few minutes late, but will have a funny story to explain their tardiness. They won’t be interested in the why, the what or the how but they will want to be engaged with strong visuals and entertaining anecdotes
  • Considered decision makers will want to know the why, the what, the how, the when, the where and the who. Outcomes and ROI are important to them, as are processes and methodologies. They will want the detail and won’t want to be amused by you – they can watch Jack Dee for that.

This is why PowerPoint presentations in first meetings don’t work; one size definitely doesn’t fit all in new business.

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