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In A Land Before Vine…

On the 24th January 2013, Twitter officially launched Vine, a platform for users to create, view and share short 6 second videos.

Today Vine has become an international craze with over 40 million users, including celebrity figures and renowned brands, such as Chelsea FC, West Ham United, Rolling Stone, Beats by Dr Dre, VH1, Marc Jacobs and Justin Beiber. Vine even has President Obama posting vines and is ranked amongst one of the most followed users.

Vine introduced a new genre of film making. By limiting users to videos to 6 seconds in length, it required them to be shot on a mobile only through the app and provides an innovative blend of sketches, stunts and promotional viewing.

And who can blame them? The latest studies show that a branded vine is four times more likely to be viewed than any other video upload platform. The most successful brand users of 2013 can be found on Brandsonvine with the top five consisting of:

  1. G.E (General Electric)
  2. Lowes
  3. Adidas
  4. Urban Outfitters
  5. Burberry

These chart toppers created memorable, funny and creative content which has definitely set the bar for 2014. Furthermore, thanks to these videos, Vine was crowned the fastest growing app of 2013 worldwide.

In an interview with Vine’s co- founder Collin Kroll, he was challenged to define their mission in 6 seconds (mirroring the limited duration of the app). His answer was as follows:

“The future of Vine is everyone being able to create short looping videos from their mobile phone in the language that they speak and discover great content.”

In honour of Vine’s first birthday, Vine has created an 18 minute video, highlighting the year’s best Vines. Including President Obama thanking Batkid for saving Gotham!

Following the success of Vine, other social networks have been quick to jump onto this impactful concept. Instagram are one of the main rivals after they introduced the 15 second video feature late last year.

Even “Viners” are now turning their abilities into money making businesses. Most notably was Viner Khoa Pahn, whose paper animations immediately caught the eye of Vine editors. Now he produces Vines for the likes of Disney.

With video sharing becoming a pioneer in brand awareness and user engagement, it will be interesting to see how brands will continue to push boundaries in creating innovative content.

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