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Kickstart your new business

I attended Alchemis’ first breakfast workshop ‘The only 5 ways to grow your agency’ which looked at how to deliver more effective new business and sales campaigns, held at the Covent Garden Hotel.

An eclectic mix of 24 creative, digital, PR and integrated agencies came together to network, share industry expertise and insights with their peers. Most importantly, they came together looking to understand and implement important principles that would help them sustain and ‘future proof’ their business growth.

The room buzzed with creative minds regaling their own brand propositions, being challenged by peers asking ‘so what’ and ultimately coming together as one to brainstorm and uncover where they could apply these five principles to improve their new business approach.

Being a part of this process was immensely enjoyable and the event was an outstanding success with all attendees giving heartfelt soundbites including:

  • ‘The session reinforced what you’re doing well, but highlighted what you need to do to improve’
  • ‘A great kick up the arse to re-thinking your new business/sales strategy’
  • ‘Insightful and a great refresher of best practice’
  • ‘Provided great insight on how to drive your team to new approaches that make you stand out in the market’

Looking forward to the next one.

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