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Integrated or Specialist Offer?

When helping our marketing communications clients develop their new business strategy they often ask me whether they should offer an integrated service or develop a specialism. The simple answer is probably both!

There are clear advantages and disadvantage to both. With an integrated offer we have the opportunity to probe and get to the root of the prospect’s pain and consequently match the most appropriate part of our client’s offer to that pain. On the down side, you can be seen as a generalist jack of all trades rather than a specialist capable of solving a specific problem.

With the ‘single/specialist’ offer, there is more cut-through and you can make more specific statements focusing on your capabilities to solve specific problems/issues or meet a particular requirement/brief. However, you can box yourself into a corner using this approach and can sometimes find yourself having to backtrack if the problem/need identified turns out to be one that you could solve, but which you hadn’t referred to in your specific proposition.

As consultative salespeople here at Alchemis, our inclination is to start the telephone call with a broad offer and identify the specific need through intelligent questioning and probing so we can ‘match’ our clients’ creative and/or strategic skills with the prospect’s needs.

The exceptions to this approach are when our clients have developed a bespoke solution to a specific problem that a market is facing. The most successful campaigns tend to be those where we have used a combination approach.

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