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America’s greatest hero since Homer Simpson?

Many agencies outsource their new business function to a business development agency such as Alchemis. I can’t speak about the processes in place with our competitors, but in terms of how we operate there is accountability every step of the way with our clients, because as far as the outside world is concerned – or rather anyone receiving a call from the new business agency – we are you. If we do not represent you to the same standards as you would represent yourself then you would stop using us and our reputation would suffer. The purpose of doing this is to ensure you have a person who is expert in their field (i.e generating new business opportunities over the phone) open the right doors for you so that you can focus on what you do best – whether it be PR, digital marketing, advertising, etc.

“What has this got to do with Homer Simpson or America?” you ask. “You made me look at this blog under false pretenses!”

Well I’ll tell you:

The best (as in most amusing) news story I’ve read so far in 2013 was about the IT developer in America who had outsourced his own job to China for a fifth of his salary. To some people this would be an outrageous act of laziness and treachery, to others it would show fantastic entrepreneurial spirit and initiative. Obviously the American worker was not “working” from the office much.

The only reason this guy’s scheme was discovered was because of the high VPN access rate from China to the company’s server, which they mistook as malicious hacking attempts… which would suggest the guy in China must have been doing a reasonable job, if not for the constraints of geography.

If this story had been released on 1st April, who would have believed it?

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