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How do you identify the true decision maker when trying to win new business?

Just read an interesting article entitled Who should own the customer journey? which summarises research and a subsequent report from Econsultancy in conjunction with Response Tap.

It highlights the challenges in defining and identifying where the true responsibility for the customer journey lies. Most respondents plumped for marketing as opposed to sales, insight/analytics or customer service/support for example. This isn’t particularly surprising, as marketing will typically drive and/or commission the initiatives to improve the customer journey.

What is interesting is where the responsibility within the marketing department lies. The research shows that digital marketing and ecommerce teams are twice as likely to drive initiatives aimed at understanding the customer journey as their offline counterparts. This could be explained by the fact that the complexity of CX and the number of digital touchpoints are the key barriers to understanding the customer journey.

This report also highlights one of our key challenges as a new business specialist, namely identifying true decision makers on behalf of our clients. Firstly, does that decision maker sit within marketing or analytics or insight? Secondly, if it’s within marketing, is that decision maker responsible for on or offline marketing (or both)? Thirdly, does that job title mean anything in that company? One man’s Marketing Manager is another man’s Head of Marketing!

It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma and one which we try every day to solve.

We have scores of unique job titles on our database, all of the ones you would expect, but including some interesting ones such as:

  • Demand Generation Manager
  • Head of Revenue Yield and Online Conversion
  • Digital Transformation Lead
  • Head of Sustainability & Reporting
  • Value Added Services Manager
  • Head of Strategic Improvement and Readiness

These decision makers are constantly being refreshed by our team of 14 Account Managers as well as by our research resource, but keeping track of everyone’s moves is like painting the Forth Bridge. Luckily, our bespoke software enables us to capture all and any changes which can save time. However, what it can’t do is find out where the true decision making lies neither can it identify those key influencers, who are equally as important in the buying process.

That’s why it’s so important for our team to ask meaningful questions as part of the qualification process to help identify budget holders, commissioners of work, the level of input procurement have in the buying cycle and key influencers. All this data is captured in our database and available to all our Account Managers and therefore all of our agency clients. What is never shared is campaign specific information gathered whilst calling on behalf of individual agencies – this is ring fenced through individual password protected databases built specifically for each of our clients, which can only be accessed by that client’s Account Manager.

It’s a challenging job, but someone has to do it!

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