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The Pursuit of Happiness in the World of Business Development

I’ve just celebrated my two year anniversary at Alchemis, a Business Development Agency specialising in the marketing and creative sectors. For me this is a great personal achievement, as anyone who has worked in a sales or new business environment will know that two years in a sales role is practically the equivalent of lawyer or accountant sticking with the same firm for a decade! In fact, at Alchemis a good few members of the team have been there far longer than I have! This had me thinking….
Why have I managed to stay motivated in my job for two whole years without any signs of boredom? I was recently offered a new role elsewhere for slightly more money, but turned it down because I was more than content in my current position.

So what is it that makes us genuinely happy in the work place?

• Training and Continuous Development- being given strong training at the start of any job sets us up for the start of a strong career there, but constantly being challenged to develop our knowledge and skill set is what keeps us thriving. I’m presented with ongoing opportunities to sharpen my skills in business development and meeting management, but I also get to learn more and more about the marketing world and the disciplines that sit within this space.

• Good Team Relations – we spend more time with our work colleagues throughout the working week than we do with our own families, so it’s important to have a team that works like a family unit. Mutual respect, support, understanding and encouragement is something we have mastered at Alchemis. It’s the sense of ‘having each other’s back’ that makes me proud to be a part of the Alchemis family!

• Financial Reward – impossible targets and unrealistic commission structures are far too common in the world of sales and business development. Having manageable expectations and tools to calculate your own bonuses has really helped me motivate myself and keeps me pushing to achieve more all the time. It’s rewarding and refreshing (and far too rare) to be able to work for a company where everyone is able to make a bonus!

• Culture – work hard, play harder. This is a term that is thrown around in sales environments more than footballs are kicked at Wembley. However working for a company that values your wellbeing as much as your work ethic is life-changing. Target driven environments are stressful for all of us – even if it doesn’t always show. Companies that offer distraction from the day to day, even if this is given as reward for achievement, typically have happier sales people. Regular social events like bowling, ping pong and team lunches help me to engage with my colleagues away from the busy work environment. We also have our annual rounders event which promotes healthy competition within the team. On top of this, I’ve been lucky enough to go on some amazing company outings and experience new things, like indoor sky diving, which is something I probably would never have done off my own back. Getting involved in all of these activities allows me to bond with the whole workforce, including management, and removes the ‘us and them’ culture often found in heavily over-structured sales environments.

So I guess I’ve managed to answer the question of what I think is needed to stay happy in the workplace and also why I’m so happy at Alchemis. If you’re thinking of a move or deciding on new roles, I’d strongly suggest talking to the employees to find out if they are satisfied in all of these areas before making any hard and fast decisions. It’s incredibly satisfying having a job that doesn’t make you want to crawl back under the duvet when your alarm goes off each morning!

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