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How can you guarantee me results?

Here’s the response to question number 3 in my blog posted in September about the five most commonly asked business development questions:

How can you guarantee me results?

A good question and one which any new business professional in any market will get asked frequently.

The short, but insufficient, reply is that there are no guarantees in new business.

There are, however a significant number of critical success factors that influence the effectiveness of business development campaigns, namely (in no particular order):

  • clear business objectives
  • a well thought through and researched targeting strategy
  • a robust proposition that reflects current market needs
  • case studies that demonstrate success
  • meaningful and relevant collateral
  • the ability to listen and therefore identify opportunities that aren’t always obvious
  • the skills and confidence to convert those opportunities to briefs and wins

With all of the above in place, we will have a greater chance of being able to set quality meetings for our clients, thereby helping them to secure new business.

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