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2015 and the Creation of “Gladvertising”

My daily commute on the central line was brightened up immensely this morning as I read an article in Metro that Minority Report-style advertising will be here in a just a few years time – by 2015, in fact.

The technology available for “gladvertising” (for that is the term being used) would take the definition of “interactive advertising” to a whole new level.

The gist of the article is that talking digital billboards containing cameras backed by advanced emotion recognition software will detect your mood and target you with an advert. Going one step further these billboards will link with your smart phone to access personal details such as body shape, anniversaries and favourite foods.

I can already imagine the scenario – I’m strolling down Charing Cross Road on a warm summer’s afternoon, when a talking 3D hologram poster says to me “Hey Rob, why not pop into the Royal George just across the street for a nice cool pint of Heineken? You deserve it after your hard day at the office and the mini-break you booked to Berlin is still over a month away. Go on, treat yourself!”

There would be no limit to the new business opportunities open to marketers of all disciplines with this sort of technology available. On top of this affiliate marketing could become more intelligent than ever and become totally personalised to truly suit the individual.

Then I pictured the flipside to this sort of marketing. Similar scenario, but this time the poster shouts “Hey Rob, you seem to have an itchy bottom – maybe it’s piles? Why not pop into Superdrug just across the road and treat yourself to some nice soothing Preparation H?”

It would be like walking the streets with the constant fear of bumping into a really embarrassing drunken mad friend who never knows when to shut up.

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