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How we find our team of Business Development Managers

I refer you back to my last blog about the top 7 reasons why prospects will agree to see an agency from a cold call and you will recall that the number one reason is the ability of the caller to build rapport on the phone with the marketing decision maker.

There are other determining factors (like relevant case studies, ROI, unique methodologies etc) but the simple truth is that building rapport and demonstrating empathy with their current challenges are often the most important reason why marketing prospects will agree to meet a new agency – particularly when there aren’t any discernible points of difference.

This makes it doubly important for us to recruit and retain a highly skilled and motivated team of New Business Managers and I’m often asked where we get them from.

The simple answer is, from wherever we can, provided they can demonstrate the unique blend of skills, passion for marketing and intrinsic values that we are looking for.

They will often have experience of setting meetings in other markets, such as technology or management consultancy, sometimes they come from recruitment or publishing and often they are referred by our existing team.

On a practical basis we use a combination of handpicked recruitment consultants who know and understand our business very well and online jobsites. It’s then down to the time consuming process of first and second interviews where the candidates are put through a series of exercises which will help us identify the mix of skills and attitude that are so important in a small, tight knit company.

I’ll write another blog shortly on how we retain our staff…

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